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common misconceptions

Established and experienced data scientists are often asked, “What is the role of a data scientist in an organisation?” As a relatively new profession in what is quickly emerging as an exciting field, data scientists have naturally attracted curiosity from the Average Joe. The direct answer is that the role has evolved over time. Last decade’s data scientists were locked away in the back-office knee deep...

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Effective Data Science Team

It has become an open secret that for organisations to stay relevant in the digital era, they need to focus on developing their own data science capabilities. This involves owning the whole data lifecycle of data management, analysis and science processes. A new Harvard Business Review Analytic Services and IBM study shows 72% of business leaders believe they are susceptible to disruption within three years but...

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Data Engineers Malaysian Unicorn

The rise of Big Data has made it the next frontier for innovation, waiting to be conquered by data professionals who will unlock and harness its value for organisations. Data Science is a team sport whose power players function in three fields: data engineers, data analysts and data scientists. Recognition of these highly sought-after data professionals have led to a global talent shortage and Malaysia is...

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